Logbook Loans

Logbook Loans

Most people looking for a loan service, prefer to get the cash in their hands, as fast as possible. The need for funds is often urgent and immediate. For the same purpose we at Fuitadnet.com offer logbook loans whilst also giving you the fastest loan service in town. If you are a first time user you might be wondering what a logbook loan actually is. Well, here is a brief explanation to help you understand.

What are Logbook Loans?

Logbook loans are commonly, types of bad credit loans that are tied with the ownership of a vehicle. This means that it is a loan that uses your automobile as collateral for the funds. You can borrow money using the car as a loan security. Most of the logbook loans are short term debt facilities that are offered the same day. You can get loans up to an amount of £50,000, through this facility. Small loans, even if only a few pounds, can also be acquired through this mechanism. The lenders allow you to borrow money without any restrictions to the age or value of vehicle. Logbook Loans which are being offered by our website Fuitadnet.com are cheap, competitive and affordable for all.

The Logbook Loan Process

Anyone seeking a logbook loan can simply log in to our website and get a free quote. First though, compare the rates and products that are available to you and then you can select your loan and receive the money, the same day! The basic documentation you will be required to provide with the loan application; is the proof of you owning the vehicle in your name. This vehicle will act as a security to your loan. You can apply for loans ranging from £250 – £50000. The automobile should not be under any kind of lien or under a pledge with any other form of financial debt or obligation. The vehicle owner is required to produce a document of MOT which has relevant validity and documents of proper insurance.

Your age should not be less than 18 years when applying for a loan. The value of a loan depends on the value of the car you are pledging against the loan.

We at Fuitadnet.com look for convenience and advantages to offer the customer. For this reason we have products that are customer centric and offer a large variety of options which will fit in with customers` requirements and needs. All applications are accepted and evaluated in a fair and proper manner with merits given in consideration. We ensure that repayments are affordable and all customers are equally evaluated.

Fuitadnet.com logbook loans offer you the following advantages:

  • Obtain a very competitive quotation through the internet
  • Get access to a large network of UK based lenders
  • One day loan process for urgent needs
  • Free quotations
  • You keep using your automobile
  • Easy processing and repayment systems
  • Detailed discussion for any FAQs or queries that you may have
  • Friendly and reliable representatives
  • No hidden clauses or prices

So why not apply now and cash in on the benefits!